Unsolved for 137+ yrs - until now

Skin diseases affect almost one-third of the world's pop- ulation

For 138 years has moisture accumulation inside gloves been a globally unresolved issue costing the society billions and leading to decreased quality of life and career changes.

Born from Personal Struggles, Crafted for Your Health and Comfort

Ever since I was born, I have struggled with skin problems and a diminished quality of life. Despite cotton gloves being the only option for managing moisture under work gloves for a long time, cotton becomes wet and results in damp hands.

Hand sweat due to daily glove use is not just discomfort—it's a globally unresolved issue for hundreds of millions of people who use gloves daily. Across the world, there is a transition from fossil fuels to electric cars. As a result, hundreds of thousands of electric car mechanics are airing out their hands 5-10 times a day due to sweaty rubber gloves, reducing efficiency and thus capacity.

Until today, this problem has lacked an effective solution. /Wilhelm, Founder of DRYE

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Say Goodbye to Hand Struggles: Our Glove Liner Solution

Whether it's at work or home, we understand the pain of dealing with eczema, dry, or sensitive hands. Often, these issues are aggravated by hand sweat, chemicals, or allergenic materials in gloves, especially rubber ones. Our Glove Liner is crafted to be your solution, ensuring a comfortable, irritation-free experience.

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Big problems with chapped hands and hand eczema before, now I avoid itching, sweating and moisture. DRYE Liner is really cool and comfortable fit. I ain’t feeling any itching and sweating since starts using it

Emilia A
Pastry Chef

Very comfortable to use, I notice a huge difference on my hands!I no longer feel dryness and sensitivity in the same way. Completely satisfied from DRYE gloves.

Sofia Magnusson

Much better product than cotton gloves, because you avoid sweat and get better quality. I've been working with electrical safety gloves for over a year, and I've been sweating all day until DRYE came up with their new glove liner.

Michal Ratusznik
Electrical Mechanic

I used to have major problems with cracked hands and hand eczema, but now I avoid itching, sweating, and moisture. Cool and comfortable fit.

Adam Hemberg
Electrical Mechanic

I have been struggling with eczema on my hands for a long time and found it difficult to put on my hockey gloves. Thanks to these liner gloves, I have had a better experience because they reduce friction against the skin. I can't play without them now.

Linnea D.
Hockey player


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