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DRYE Glove Liner, new moisture technique from Sweden inside your other gloves for all-day protection and maximum comfort.

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DRYE Glove Liner, New Swedish anti-sweat technology for ultimate comfort and hand health

  • Effective anti-sweat liner for increased quality of life & comfort
  • Ultra-thin material for work and home use.
  • Washable for increased durability and longevity

Stop moisturising your hands constantly because of dryness. With the Drye Liner, you get ground-breaking moisture transport technology. Our Drye Liner’s gentle material provides maximum protection for your skin.

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DRYE becomes your ally in skincare, ensuring relief from itching and perspiration

Effective anti-sweat liner for increased quality of life & comfort

With DRYE-Liner, you get
ground-breaking moisture transport technology and gentle material that provides maximum protection for your skin.

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Ultra-thin material for work and home use.

The DRYE liner: Perfect for work, sleep, training and adventure. Body-conforming design and ultra-thin material for an exclusive feel.

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Washable for increased durability and longevity

Give your hands & wallet a gift with DRYE Glove Liner. Not only does it minimise waste by substituting other gloves, but it also extends the lifespan of your current work or household gloves.

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DRYE is introducing a new line of exceptionally comfortable, itch-free & sweat-free fabric products for your everyday personal needs.

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Big problems with chapped hands and hand eczema before, now I avoid itching, sweating and moisture.

DRYE is really cool and comfortable fit. I ain’t feeling any itching and sweating since starts using it
Emilia A
Pastry Chef
Very comfortable to use, I notice a huge difference on my hands!

I no longer feel dryness and sensitivity in the same way. Completely satisfied from HUD gloves.
Sofia Magnusson
Much better product than cotton gloves, because you avoid sweat and get better quality.

I've been working with electrical safety gloves for over a year, and I've been sweating all day until DRYE came up with their new glove liner.
Michal Ratusznik
Electrical Mechanic
I used to have major problems with cracked hands and hand eczema, but now I avoid itching, sweating, and moisture. Cool and comfortable fit.

Adam Hemberg
Electrical Mechanic
I have been struggling with eczema on my hands for a long time and found it difficult to put on my hockey gloves.

Thanks to these liner gloves, I have had a better experience because they reduce friction against the skin. I can't play without them now.
Linnea D.
Hockey player

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