First Sweat-Free Liner

Unlike products on the market that absorb moisture, our glove liner absorbs and transports away hand sweat to keep hands soft and free from moisture and irritation, no matter how long you wear them.

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Despite billions of people using gloves daily, few have reflected on how hand sweat and materials like rubber can affect their career choices and quality of life

New sweat transport technique to guard against prolonged glove use
Enhance comfort during extended wear with superthin material
Eliminating unpleasant odors and improving hygiene
Easily washable, ensuring a lifecycle of 2-12 months

Experience our innovative Swedish-crafted liner featuring groundbreaking sweat transport technology. The ultra-thin layer ensures maximum comfort while providing unparalleled protection for your skin.

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The DRYE glove liner will change the entire glove industry

Uniqueness compared to cotton gloves

Cotton gloves cannot transport sweat away, as cotton only acts as an absorbing surface, leading to damp hands. Additionally, cotton gloves are used as disposable items and require 50,000 liters of water to produce one kilogram of cotton.

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Function and material

The DRYE glove liner is made of an exclusive material combination. This technology is deliberately designed to eliminate irritation while enabling optimal moisture transport, enhancing user comfort and effectiveness.

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Moisture transport technology

Our advanced technology effectively absorbs moisture from the inside of the glove and transports it to the outside of the fabric. By keeping hands dry, our glove not only improves the user experience but also enhances the quality of life for billions of people suffering from hand-related issues.

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What people
say about us

100+ customers rated us 5.0

Big problems with chapped hands and hand eczema before, now I avoid itching, sweating and moisture. DRYE Liner is really cool and comfortable fit. I ain’t feeling any itching and sweating since starts using it

Emilia A
Pastry Chef

Very comfortable to use, I notice a huge difference on my hands!I no longer feel dryness and sensitivity in the same way. Completely satisfied from DRYE gloves.

Sofia Magnusson

Much better product than cotton gloves, because you avoid sweat and get better quality. I've been working with electrical safety gloves for over a year, and I've been sweating all day until DRYE came up with their new glove liner.

Michal Ratusznik
Electrical Mechanic

I used to have major problems with cracked hands and hand eczema, but now I avoid itching, sweating, and moisture. Cool and comfortable fit.

Adam Hemberg
Electrical Mechanic

I have been struggling with eczema on my hands for a long time and found it difficult to put on my hockey gloves. Thanks to these liner gloves, I have had a better experience because they reduce friction against the skin. I can't play without them now.

Linnea D.
Hockey player

Frequently asked questions

Work & Home:
Wear DRYE Liner under your gloves for added comfort during work tasks or household chores. The ultra-thin material provides an exclusive feel and helps extend the life of your gloves.

Sleep & Training:
For a comfortable night's sleep, consider using DRYE Liner. It's also suitable for workouts, offering moisture-free hands through its effective moisture transport technology.

Adventure & Travel:
Enhance outdoor activities by incorporating DRYE Liner under your gloves. It's a versatile travel companion.

DRYE Liner excels in moisture management with advanced technology, offering enhanced comfort and exclusive feel for diverse activities while protecting your skin, extending the lifespan of your gloves, and contributing to waste reduction through its washable and reusable design, making it a sustainable choice over disposable glove liners.

DRYE Liner's higher price is justified by its advanced moisture technology, washable and reusable design for 2-12 months, Swedish craftsmanship, reduced environmental impact, versatility, and long-term cost-effectiveness compared to disposable cotton gloves.

DRYE Liner is a proud recipient of the prestigious SKAPA award for Stockholm county 2020—the highest honor in Sweden. Recognized for its innovative moisture transport technology, maximum capacity, superior comfort, precision, and durability, our liner stands out. Designed for versatility, it seamlessly fits under all types of gloves, ensuring a unique and unmatched experience.

Yes, absolutely. While there's no legislation prohibiting the use of our glove liner in healthcare, it's ultimately the employer's decision. Many individuals purchase and use them for personal and work-related needs.

In our tests with professional groups across Sweden, only restaurant staff and hairdressers found it challenging to work with double gloves. The super-thin material of our gloves generally doesn't affect accuracy, but if one desires to have direct contact with hair strands, inner gloves may not be an optimal solution.

No, DRYE Liner benefits all users by providing protection against sweat and irritation. It can be used under your leather gloves, work gloves, surgical gloves, rubber gloves, household gloves, disposable gloves, etc.

Machine wash DRYE Liner up to 90 degrees while retaining its moisture transport effect. For a fresh feel, many customers choose to hand wash them every few days, leaving them as good as new.

With proper care, DRYE Liner is designed to last up to 2-12 months, though actual durability may vary based on use and handling.

While our patent application is ongoing, we can share that DRYE Liner is made of absorbent and transporting materials, both non-allergenic and gentle on the skin.

Unlike traditional polyester used in the fitness industry, we've crafted a unique material combination for DRYE Liner. Our focus is on delivering maximum moisture transport, specifically designed to help sensitive, dry skin, or eczema.

The uniqueness lies in the combination of absorbent and transporting materials, coupled with our long-term dedication to achieving maximum moisture transport. The absorbent layer collects sweat from the skin and transports it away, proving to work wonders for people's hands.


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