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Our vision is to enhance worldwide  comfort and promote hand health.

The new innovative glove liner that protects your skin against sweat and itching while providing superior comfort, precision, and durability.

We founded DRYE to ensure that you don't have to go through the same experiences as we did.

The skin is our largest organ, and those of us who have experience with skin problems know what it's like. Difficulty sleeping, itching, expensive doctor visits (and many), pain, and social anxiety – at least, that's how my life has been.

We founded DRYE to improve the quality of life for the world's population who have issues with sweat, reduced comfort in gloves, or their hands.

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A new Glove Liner to avoid sweat and skin irritation

The problem often arises at the workplace or at home. Eczema, dry or sensitive hands, in addition to genetic factors, are most often caused by contact with hand sweat, chemicals or allergenic materials in protective gloves, especially rubber.

For 30-44% of affected people, hand eczema can be so serious that they are forced to change careers.

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You feel the difference
by yourself

You feel the difference
by yourself

Revolutionary moisture transport to protect human skin against disease and irritation

Sweat can be both natural and problematic for our skin. It can lead to irritation and skin diseases. A common problem related to sweat is skin irritation, itching and other skin diseases. We have revolutionized moisture transport in the glove industry by developing a new material combination that, unlike today's available solutions, offers maximum sweat transport.

Product development with Sweden's leading universities

These can affect our lives negatively, with social anxiety, depression, difficulty sleeping and difficulty carrying out everyday tasks. It is important to take care of your skin and not compromise when it comes to your hands.

Effective anti-sweat liner for increased quality of life & comfort

With our glove liner, your skin will be kept drier for longer, and you will notice a difference already after a few weeks of use

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Big problems with chapped hands and hand eczema before, now I avoid itching, sweating and moisture.

HUD is really cool and comfortable fit. I ain’t feeling any itching and sweating since starts using it
Emilia A
Pastry Chef
Very comfortable to use, I notice a huge difference on my hands!

I no longer feel dryness and sensitivity in the same way. Completely satisfied from HUD gloves.
Sofia Magnusson
Much better product than cotton gloves, because you avoid sweat and get better quality.

I've been working with electrical safety gloves for over a year, and I've been sweating all day until DRYE came up with their new glove liner.
Michal Ratusznik
Electrical Mechanic
I used to have major problems with cracked hands and hand eczema, but now I avoid itching, sweating, and moisture. Cool and comfortable fit.

Adam Hemberg
Electrical Mechanic